Toby's War

Historic archival material

Prepared by Thomas Clark Esq.
Toby's War

The recollections and experiences of Mr Frederick Richard (Toby) Turner

Serving as a volunteer soldier during World War 2, Corporal Turner of the King's Royal Rifle Corps was captured and held in a prisoner-of-war camp controlled by the German air force - the Luftwaffe. The camp was known as Stalag Luft III.wikipedia

Escape attempts were made from this camp, one of which formed the underlying true story to the 1950 movie "The Wooden Horse".wikipedia Another attempt was dramatised in the 1963 movie "The Great Escape".wikipedia

The information contained in this archive has been scanned from original documents and other material assembled by Mr Turner. It represents a first-hand account of the life, times and exploits of the POWs incarcerated in this camp.

I am proud to confirm that this British soldier, Frederick Turner, was my father.

Helen Hollick 2018